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DELHI SAFARI movie review: A cute film with lots of soul

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it’s a film made for children and it intends to educate them about the plight of animals because of us humans. But honestly, it’s a must watch for adults too.

It’s preachy in a creative way and the decent animation is sure to keep the grown-ups hooked on to the screens.

The only hitch is the songs – a major put-off. When the story is riveting and the characters are super interesting, we don’t see the point of having intermittent tracks in between, it somehow ruins the flow and the fun of watching a movie that has all the potential of being a feel-good flick.

the cub Yuvi looks amazingly cute with his tawny-brown hair and hypnotic puppy eyes, the perfect character chosen by the director to create the awww feeling inside the hearts of the audience.

The celebs seem to have gone completely ballistic while lending their voice to these well-etched out creatures. While Urmila fits perfectly into the shoes of the elegant wild cat, Akshaye Khanna surprises us with his humorous and hoarse parrot pitch. Govinda's  Bhojpuri language gives us the giggles and Boman Irani – the bear – struts around in his stylish fedora, lending a very sophisticated feel to the hairy creature’s voice.

All-in-all, Delhi Safari is a fun flick and the animation is sure to not make you pucker up your noses. With a riotous expedition and a fun story to boot, the movie is an interesting watch for children and adults alike.

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