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Amir Can't stay away from Azad


Amir Khan, left for a three month schedule for Dhoom 3. Aamir decided to take his wife and bundle of joy with him as he it will be a long outdoor shooting and he doesn’t want to miss his son with whom he gets a very little time to spend with. Ever since Azad was born Aamir was totally involved with his debut TV show and hardly got time to spend with him. As soon as he wrapped up with his TV show 'Satyamev Jayate', ‘Dhoom 3 went on floor. Hence, Aamir decided to enjoy his son’s company along with work.

He told to one news paper that " I'am glad that Kiran and Azad coming with me. I coudn't have  stayed away from Azad for so long. it is fortunate that Kiran is not working in this period and we will get some family time together"

Unlike other stars Aamir did not play hide and seek with his son. He was spotted with Kiran and Azad at Mumbai international airport. Aamir in white T-shirt and black hat looked super cool. He was carrying his son in a baby carrier. Aamir did not try to hide Azad from the paparazzi in clicking his photo. Azad looked very cute and bears resemblance to Aamir. This is Aazad's first foreign trip with his entire family.

Uday Chopra also took the same flight to Chicago as he will reprise his silly Ali act in the third installment of the super-hit action thriller. Katrina Kaif and Abhishek Bachchan will join the Dhoom 3 crew later on this month.

We wish Azad a happy debut foreign trip!